Ministry of Energy (Petroleum Division)

A review meeting on the latest situation of the petrol supply to retails outlets was chaired by acting secretary Arshad Mirza on Video Link from Ministry

A review meeting on the latest situation of the petrol supply to retails outlets held in the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources on Wednesday evening. Meeting was chaired by Acting Secretary Petroleum, Arshad Mirza. Heads of all Oil Marketing Companies including  PSO, Shell, Caltax, Total Parco, Byco, Zoom, Askar, Hascol, Admore, OTCL, APL and other OMCs were present in the meeting on video link from the Karachi. All the heads of the Oil Marketing Companies assured the Sectetary Petroleum that they will ensure continued supply of Petrol on their retail outlets. Secretary Petroleum was informed that today uptill 7pm in the evening 11,500 Matric Ton (MT)  petrol had been delivered to the pumps against the target of 15500 MT for Wednesday. Remaining 4000 MT will also be delivered till midnight. It may be noted that usual supply  of Petrol was recorded 12000MT per day before the shortage. It was reported by OMCs that queses have drastically reduced at the retail outlets with enhanced supply of petrol. The OMCs assured their full support and committed to continue smooth supply of petrol at their repective petrol pumps. Secretary Petroleum expressed his satisfaction over the improving situation of Petrol supply in the country. He also appriciated the  Chairman Shell Pakistan Omer Yaqoob Sheikh for his cooperation in  coping with the crisis situation.

Byco Representative informed that Byco will supply 30000 MT of black oil for Power sector within next few days. Secretary Petroleum on this occasion said that the Monitoring Cell established in the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources will monitor the Petrol Supply Chain round the clock and a report after every three hours will be updated. It was confirmed by the representatives of PSO that petrol sale in Karachi was as per normal routine and there is no problem of oil supply at pumps in Karachi. It was also decided in the meeting that all OMCs will make it sure that the tanks of retail outlets remain filled on the last four days of the month. There should be no shortage of Petrol on the pretext of expected reduction of Prices from 1st February. He said that the help of the local District Administration may also be sought in this regard. The review meetings through video links with OMCs will continue to held on daily basis.